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  1. Bill Seward

    An Oldie. Godzilla pulling a trailer.

    Taken in 1989, Kathy and I were on a trip around New England, and we took a side trip into Quebec. Arguably the worlds fastest trailer..
  2. henrysgmc

    Trailer Hitch & Wind Shield

    I had to buy a few items to get one of the items I wanted. So I decided to sell off the the others. Trailer Hitch - $ Make Offer Wind Shield - $ Make Offer Please text me if interested 845-283-6593 Thanks
  3. Fire-medic

    Trailer alternatives

    I saw an ad for one of these, and thought after seeing their website, it could prove to be an acceptable alternative to a trailer. Small enough to put in your car truck, you could easily store and use it. A disadvantage is that your rear bike tire has to be not flat. Still, for getting your bike...
  4. Rollie

    Trailer Bar ???

    Anybody used one of these ?
  5. 95spfldmax

    Trailer Hitch for Gen I VMax

    Has anyone fitted a trailer hitch to their Gen I Vmax here? I'm wondering if there is anything out there bolt-on or will I need to custom fab something? I picked up a tow behind trailer that I want to modify to hold my RC airplanes so I can do both of my hobbies on the same sunny day. I...
  6. Redbone

    Motorcycle Wheel Tiedown for Trailer

    I am looking for a motorcycle tire specific wheel tiedown (net style) to make it easier to move around the rear of the bikes when tied down. I have chocks and front tiedown points for the front but want to clean up the rear and eliminate the number of straps needed. This is for my enclosed...
  7. HyperPete - a great company to do business with!

    If you need trailer accessories, is a great company with which to do business. I want to share an email I just sent them concerning their customer service: You won't go wrong doing business with this company!
  8. K

    Movie Trailer - Why We Ride
  9. F

    Harbor Freight trailer review?

    Has anyone ever bought/used a Harbor Freight trailer? I am looking here: And in my mind it would work out great, but I would be a bit worried about long trips. So any experence towing a vmax on one of these? I am...
  10. alorio1

    Pretty cool Motorcycle trailer

    Pretty cool Motorcycle trailer, a trike may even fit in it........
  11. maxist

    Trailer Hitches

    Has anyone used a Hensley Arrow or ProPride hitch? I just came off vacation towing my 32' travel trailer and I'm planning to travel out west next year and thinking of purchasing. If you have one do they really reduce the trailer sway as they claim?
  12. 95spfldmax

    Trailer Question

    Ok......big road trip coming up (big for me). About 1500 miles round trip. I put 2 new tires on my 7' x 8' flat bed open trailer (4.00 x 4.80 x 8"). Beads wouldn't seal so I put in tubes. Tires say Max Load of 750lbs @ 90PSI. Question One: For Max Load I multiply 750lbs x 2 tires for 1500lbs...
  13. Fire-medic

    never use a ramp w-this trailer! I saw this at the Dania Beach AMCA show last weekend Jan '12. Pretty ingenious and not too bad for the price, I think a single was about $1.5K. They also had a pair of detachable wheels so you could put it on its side & roll it through a gate and store it next...
  14. rebar

    This Snowmobile trailer for Vmax's?

    I'm looking for a small general purpose trailer and have come across a few snowmobile trailers. Has anyone hauled a Vmax on one? The 8x10 stainless trailer I found says 2000 lb axle. Could I haul both of mine on it? He's asking $1100...
  15. J

    Trailer bargain on Ebay

    For those of you needing a bargain to haul your Vmaxes on, here's one to check out on Ebay. :biglaugh: I tell ya, if I hadn't already bought a trailer..................:rofl_200:
  16. dannymax

    Empty trailer

    Yes, it's empty now....but it won't be empty tomorrow night! :punk: I'm getting up bright & early to embark on a 5hr. one-way trip to pick up another bike! :th_image003: I have wanted this bike for a very long time....not just a bike like it, but this particular bike! :worthy: What in...
  17. vmax2extreme

    Trailer loading?

    I have a friend with a 5 x 10 open trailer. Can two vmax's fit on this with tie downs and no front tire chucks to travel several hours in tow? Debating whether to borrow this from a friend to tow up my friend and my vmax's to Thunder instead of riding them. Not a big deal to ride, but figure...
  18. 95spfldmax

    A Trailer To Tow With My Max

    I tried to search this topic out a bit but got posts for trailering our bikes "on" a trailer......... But i'm interested in towing a trailer "behind" my Max..... If there's any previous posts on this topic that you know about please post me a link to them......if you have a set-up for your...
  19. outlaws justice

    Trailer Hitch Help!

    I have talked before about a hitch and also had one made (That did not work out so well) it does not fit right but actually has a good design, just a little out of wack and also a little on the heavy side. If someone nearby could take this hitch and make one lighter that fits that would be...