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  1. VMaxIslandKai

    Parts For Sale Gen 1 Chrome Pieces For Sale (Post 1 of 4)

    (Posted on FB as well; some of these parts may go to eBay world as well - Starting in our community here and on FB first.) I need to make four separate posts in order to get the pictures on because only 10 pictures can be made per post. Chrome parts for sale: Check them out fellas- off the...
  2. Stigmata

    brake calipers upgrade

    Has anyone used the 4 piston Harrison brake calipers for the early 85-92 V max, front and back? Just wondering the difference compared to oem stock. I'm interested in the Harrison because you can use the stock rotors and brackets. Thanks
  3. J

    Master and Slave upgrades - Source?

    Looking to upgrade my 98, as the slave keeps leaking. Questions for the forum: What parts/gasket needed? I searched the forum and read of a gasket needed and haven't found one I am sure will work, part number? Can anyone recommend a vendor who can provide a complete kit? Thanks for...
  4. M

    MK1 1985-1989 Upgrades?

    Hey, just wondering who know what kind of upgrades can bolt straight onto MK1 V Max 1200? Mine is 1989 Jap import and wondering what can I upgrade on it as a straight swap bolt on mod? Especially brakes - can I use some different calipers with the existing disc and mounts? Please let me know...
  5. B

    93 vmax w/ upgrades Birmingham Al

    Sold 1993 vmax 43k Progressive springs 2" drop Progressive 412. 11.5"rear DD clutch mod Micro machinev boost programable controller w / light Led taillight and tag holder Brake light led reflector at grab bar 4 to 2 to 1 Kerker exhaust with cut down can 10" (very load) Jetted...
  6. Micahdean


    I want to send out a big thank you to Morle's Muscle for all the help with getting my 2006 vmax set up for this years riding season. I bought the Stage 7 jet kit, Marks full system exhaust and super drag bars. He took time out of his day to help me with stuff I didn't understand. The bike is...
  7. D

    HP upgrades

    Starting to look around at several after market upgrades for my bike. As a base line, what it the max I should look to aim for in regards to rear wheel horsepower without doing any crazy modifications? Thanks, Nick
  8. B

    New to performance and upgrades

    Hello guys, Im relatively new to upgrading motorcycles and I took upon purchasing a 2001 vmax motorcycle, im 21 and found this motorcycle a fun project bike. Ive ridden other bikes before and nothing feels like a v max, i joined this forum looking for advice on how to have fun with my bike so...
  9. J

    Rear Shock Upgrades

    Howdie All VMAXers, I did a lot of reading on this forum to see who is content with Stock Rear Shocks, and how much do you need to upgrade to get nice, nice? I tried the Progressive 412s, better, but not life changing. Then, I researched the next Progressive Model up the 440/444 AIS. I...
  10. one2dmax

    Brake Upgrades

    We are proud to announce some new adapters are coming soon. Of course we have our ever popular Hayabusa upgrades for the early Vmax's (85-92) and some other adapters. Now we will be able to offer the absolute best possible braking for ALL year models. The new adapters (listed below) were...
  11. 94 V-Max Rider

    Front Suspension Upgrades

    Okay, I've read a bunch of threads on what front suspension upgrades best work on the V-Max. I've seen many threads on Progressive springs and Ricor Intiminators and those who use Race Tech springs along with the Gold Valve emulators. My brother has a 2007 V-Max and is leaning towards Ricor...
  12. F

    8 Weeks for upgrades

    So it will hopefully only be 8 weeks before I get my transmission back. Could be more. So, right now my bike and motor are sitting at my friends place in several, several parts. DD Clutch Mod: I have heard a lot of people say they have ether had this done or are planning on getting it done. I...
  13. W

    Ignition upgrades or suggestions????

    Hello, I am new to this site and own a 1985 Vmax, I current am unable to ride the bike due to problems with the CDI. I have had to replace the CDI twice in 25 yrs, the first time was due to corrosion of some of the diodes and resistors inside. This time due to a stupid error on my brothers...
  14. RV TECH

    Did a few small popular upgrades today.

    Changed the rear brake pads to the EBC HH pads. My stock pads started making noise at about 1200 miles with a whistle/howl sound. I was disappointed at first, but these new pads are already a great improvement so now I am glad they started acting up. Switched from the Yamalube engine oil to...
  15. B

    85 bolt on caliper upgrades that require no adapters?

    Been doing some reading on here and I haven't been able to find better calipers for a 85 model that just bolt on with no adapters. Are there any out there and if so are they so hard to find that it's just better to go with the busa calipers instead?If there are what bike models should I be...
  16. Blackjack

    Rear Lighting Upgrades

    Looking for some rear lighting that will improve my visibility. I have run across a couple of items that may help, but would like some additional feed-back as well. The new V Brake Light is awesome; however, out of my price range for now. "V" Light Reflector LED Light Cick Here...
  17. Woody

    ignition upgrades for my 85

    ok, i did not take the time to see if this subject has been covered on here . So here it goes. i plan on upgrading my ignition from stock 85. to a 93 or newer digital igntion. I have a 93 flywheel and coil pick up. and am planing on buying a dyna 3000 box. question 1. is this all i need to...
  18. 65fury

    Brake upgrades??

    Hey guys so im getting new brakes all the way around on my 86 vmax and i keep seeing all these upgrades to do....... and id like to upgrade them now since the bike is in peices, so what sites (in the USA) should i look at for the upgrade parts??? Thanks Jason
  19. A

    Upgrading a bone stock 2004 Vmax

    Hi again, The title tells it all: 4-2 ( or 4-1 ) Mark's exhaust system ( sounds awsome ) Dynojet Stage 7 jet kit with individual filters Nology spark plug wires Velcro hook and loop patch for the seat and my jeans I am not biased towards a particular brand ( yet ) so feel free to express...
  20. Noxx72

    Caliper upgrades

    What do you folks think is the most cost and time efficient caliper upgrade for the later years Max (2001 in my case)? Is there anything that will bolt right up without an adapter? I don't care for the underpowered front brakes, but I don't want to break the bank either.