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  1. frank5079

    Warmer weather careful out there!!! About 22 years ago, I was stopped behind two cars at a traffic light; one car was on the left lane, the other was on the right lane, and I was behind the car on the right lane. From my rear view mirrors, I noticed...
  2. VMax-Mike

    looks like great weather sunday 8-14-15

    Looks like great weather for an all day ride in Michigan this Sunday is anyone up for it.
  3. frank5079

    Cold weather riding

    I rode into work yesterday and before I got ready to leave my house at 7am, I noted that the outside temp was 17°F. I have used my North Face goose down parka, along with my Widder heated vest with temps in the low to mid 20s but my legs get too cold. So I decided to wear my Columbia one...
  4. frank5079

    Cold weather riding...

    I've had to ride my bike to work a couple of days because my stepdaughter wrecked my wife's SUV and she has been using my car. Long story short, the past few days have been cold and I did see 28°F passing the bank clock. I've been using my Columbia one piece ski-suit. I'd like to modify the...
  5. W

    Cool Weather Starting Issues

    You guys have any general tips for starting in cool ~56F weather? I've not ridden this bike during the cooler seasons yet so I haven't perfected the cold start. I started this morning out with a full choke start and it would just turn over but never start up. Was a bummer of a day. I've yet...
  6. jwood

    Stupid Weather

    80 degrees the last few days, wake up to snow accumulation of 2" this morning! Back to the 70's this week... Sent by the Verizon 4G Data Network
  7. tothemax93

    Big weather event- Western New York

    I live in western NY (buffalo area). They just posted blizzard warnings. the thruway is closing from Buffalo to PA at 8:00 pm. No commercial traffic on the Thruway now. A lot of the smaller local roads are closed now too. 1 to 3 ft of lake effect snow with high winds. 20 to 30 below windchill...
  8. Karmakatt

    cold weather tires

    Well I'm expectin deal with Sean for all kinds of goodies coming up soon. One of which is switching over to awesome rims and Radials. I've found in cold Canadian weather, at -5°c, my Bias Ply OEM slide around like a ball on ice at that temperature. With Radials w/good and larger rims will i...
  9. F

    Best wet weather tires.. on stock.

    Alright. I *might* have a little bit of money left over. Not nearly as much as I wanted, I was planning on getting the rear foot shifters from Morely, or his jet kit. Sadly, money flys when you actually have it and now there is only a little bit left. One thing that I do think is function...
  10. Redbone

    Lake Generated Weather

    On Friday it was 36 degrees and a light wind was blowing, seemed like the makings of a nice early spring weekend was on the way. Sometime after nightfall old man winter decided to drop in for a visit! The weather came in from across the vast expanses of lake Superior picking up moisture and...
  11. 88vmx12

    looks like riding weather to me!

    going home from work! :bang head:
  12. 9

    When will we finally get some decent weather

    Seems like the weather has been consistently crappy this spring. Feels like it rains 2 on, 1 off all the time. Come on mother nature....cut us riders a break and how about a few warm, sunny Saturdays?
  13. vmax2extreme

    Backfiring in cold weather

    Rode my bike 35 miles this morning (4:15am) to work and the bike was just getting off the cold C mark when I arrived. Very sluggish ride and when I had her up in neutral and reved her without the choke, she backfired and saw some blue flames out of the exhaust. I checked my plugs yesterday and...
  14. 2fear

    Sucky weather!

    It went from 89 degrees down to 60 in just a few days! It's 63 degrees with a 35+ mph wind on the shoreline. Riding season is getting short :damn angry: Looks like lake Michigan is pissed!
  15. yukonerdave

    FANTASTIC weather kicks ass...

    except when your ride is in pieces all over the garage :bang head: I'm gonna have to knock off work early today to get to work putting her back together. I'm worried that I bit off more than I can chew - everything is in marked baggies, but I think the rebuild job is going to take me a lot...
  16. A

    Adrenaline And Cold Weather

    In my continued attempt to fight the forces of mother nature and delay the hibernation of the max, I had to fire her up yesterday and take her for a ride (Was also looking to destress a bit). Wasn't too bad, mid 40's by the time I took off. Took a ride to a place called New Hope Pa., about a 35...
  17. dannymax

    Weather report from Brownie Run Central

    We're just about in the furthest reaches of The Weather Channel 10-day forecast for this area. Forecast for Fri. the 22nd: Scattered showers Precip porbability---40% High---------------68 deg. Wind--------------SW 7 mph This is good....we want to see all sorts of rain and crap at this...
  18. F

    Damn New England weather

    Every day the weatherman sez, "some sun with thunderstorms, rain heavy at times". I can't get a break. The days I stay home to do yard work the weather is fine. But get on my bike and off to one side of the sky is thunder clouds forming. We can't get a week of good weather all in a row...
  19. QuarterHorse

    Love this Iowa weather

    This pic was taken in a small town in Iowa yesterday I believe when we were having some severe weather. There were several tornados in the area when this pic was taken.
  20. KJShover

    Damn Weather

    Global warming my ass :bang head:. With the temps back in the teens and the snow ans ice, It's more like late fall out now, not early spring. I'm thinking a conversion for the max is in order.