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  1. T

    UK - Mad Max Enterprises Turbocharger -SOLD-

    This draw-thru turbo kit is an absolutely stunning piece of equipment with classic, old-school engineering. Looking for £2750 but will accept a good offer on it. Happy to post anywhere at cost, but this item is large and heavy. Can deliver if you're anywhere near Sheffield, UK, or you can...
  2. C

    New Seat for The Mad Max

    Well, I shipped out my old seat to Ohio and will get an exchange back in a week or two. The pic is of a Max at their shop, not my Max. Still gonna keep the Mad Max wrap (for a long time).
  3. Specs95t

    Mad max supercharged v max
  4. J

    Lime green Mad Max

    Well, after 2 attempts , max is done. Its Nascar green, base clear. I like it. It looks very modern & sporty,...and Traffic will see me !
  5. jedi-

    Mad Max (movie)

    Not Vmax but Mad Max the movie, can't wait,
  6. A

    HELP! Exhaust problem, going mad!

    Hey all, I'm new to this site and I need your help. I've got a 97 Vmax and I want to change my exhausts cos the previous owner installed quite crappy ones. I want both left and right 2-1, already got the silencers but I just can't seem to be able to find a y-pipe that would be good. I've been...
  7. maxrom

    mad max movie

    this remember me the madmax cars`n`trucks
  8. donnelly317

    Anyone with MAD MAX chaindrive swingarm please read

    I was wondering if anyone found a chain gaurd for the MAD MAX swing arm that requires only minor altering to make it fit.. I bought mine in FEB has no chain gaurd and its gonna make a mess. I found grease everywhere from previous owner plus the girlfriend will have my jewels hanging if she gets...
  9. CaptainKyle

    People make me mad

    Guy put this backrest on Craigslist & made me a deal to sell it to me & I dont here back from him so I call him & he says its not for sale anymore then I look on ebay & there it is what a douchbag...
  10. a113ycat

    I must have made the monkey mad

    Im not sure what happened but something is not OK with my bike right now. I was out of town for a couple of day to see my friends in Baton Rouge ( thats where the NOS 07 is) anyway so I get home late last night and then after we got the truck unloaded today I went for a ride with my brother. We...
  11. KJShover

    Award Request for Mad Max! -AWARDED-

    - KJShover ------------------ Sender Information Userid: 1127 User Name: KJShover What is your name?: KJ ----------------------------- Request Information: Award ID: 12 Name: Award of Posting Excellence (APE) Description: Awarded to forum users who regularly post and contribute...
  12. bigrubbers4x4

    the wife is mad at me...

    but who's wife dont get mad at them sometimes right..... well, my wife is mad at me because we paid for insurance on the max last year and i never even got it out of the basement, so guess what that means... I plan to ride as much as i possibly can this summer with my dad and anyone else that...
  13. yankee in texas

    02 Mad Max - Dyno numbers

    Finally finished my " Mad Max" project. Factory exhaust modified with 3/4"holes smoothed out with Unibit to nearly 13/16" Stock box with K/N. Before tune 105hp/79.39tq. after 115.10hp/79.47tq. The A/F screws 2.5 turns. Stage 1 needles,springs, shims, Air Jet DJ 150 and the main 147.5. Sync -...
  14. gunrunner

    For all you Mad Max Fans ......

    Mad Max is coming back .... Mad Max : Fury Road , will start filming next year outside of Melbourne . 31 yr old british actor Tom Hardy will replace Mel Gibson and will star opposite Charlize Theron . :clapping::punk:
  15. mattness

    screaming mad dragster sound is this the only exhaust that makes the screaming mad pissed off dragster sound when revd up? :character36: that thing rips
  16. zippo6

    Oh I'm mad!

    It's Sprinkler System Certification (test) day here at work.... Since I have an FM200 Fire Suppression System in my office and in my server room it gets tested too..... Can you see where this is going??? :bang head: Dumbass did NOT disconnect the tank trigger mechanism from the panel and of...
  17. HDKILA

    Will this work on mad max???

    HD ambient temp gauge... looks like it should mount the same way it mounts on the rattletrap... thoughts???
  18. Bill Kratzenberg

    mad max

    I tried emailing madmax a week ago with no response, tried calling twice with no answer or answering machine. Anyone know how to get a hold of them, or what's going on?
  19. Heretic

    Mad Max 8 inch stretch / 300mm / single shock

    Here are some pictures of a local Max owner's new setup that I thought you all would like to see. He never visits this site, even though I tell him to. It is a Mad Max 8 inch stretched swingarm with 300mm rear tire and a single shock setup that he fabbed himself. He originally had the 300mm but...
  20. RagingMain

    Mad skills