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  1. V-V

    86 V-Max parts for sale!!

    I’m selling my parts on eBay. Please check out on the link below.:) https://www.ebay.com/itm/293534060717 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293534006454 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293551695139 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293551629168 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293551626625 https://www.ebay.com/itm/293550496507...

    I thought I got away with mirror problems NOT !!

    I thought I got away with minor problems NOT !! Last spring when I dropped my bike in my garage I thought I replaced the few parts that got any damage at all. I was detailing my Vmax today I found something I missed. Cover 3 got scuffed on the edge, it isn't deep at all just the paint...
  3. D

    Shift lever, left mirror and aftermarket clutch/front brake levers

    Need these parts ASAP, let me know if you have them!
  4. D-Max2012

    Need more mirror options

    Anyone using mirror adapters to increase your choice of mirrors out there? I'm looking to replace my long stems (chrome peeling off from road rash), but trying to something that threads onto Yamaha's reverse thread, is a PITA. I see there are adapters that might do the trick. Just...
  5. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Grip and bar end mirror recommendations

    I'm in the market for for some new grips and bar end mirrors. I'm not a kuryakyn fan. I'm interested in the Driven D3 grip Sean sells. Any other ideas on grips? I like OEM but my left one is toast. I've had some super cheap bar ends from ebay. They've worked surprisingly well. I'd like...
  6. rusty

    Black Mirror post's/ NEW!

    I have set of new black mirror post's/ Reverse thread on the right/ Free for USA/ First person get em:biglaugh:
  7. K

    Broke mirror mount, any solutions?

    I dropped my bike today :sad2:, but it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. But I do have one issue: the mirror threads on the right break reservoir broke off with the mirror (I guess it was tougher than I thought). Any idea on how to secure the mirror back on? the threads left on the...
  8. C

    Cut me off will you... I ll grind your F' mirror off!!!

  9. rebar

    Left hand mirror threads stripped

    Buddy of mine stripped the left hand threads on the right mirror. I think he said 10mm. I see helicoil makes LH kits, but they are expensive.. Any suggestions on a fix?
  10. 8

    mirror removal

    Hey all, im trying to put bar ends..and well..i did but...the right mirror is stuck...will not come off with all the force in the world...any suggestions?
  11. yankee in texas

    solved my mirror problem

    The stock mirrors worked well but looked like crap. After market mirrors look great but I couldn't see a damn thing out of them. Got happy one night with a welder and started cutting the factory mirrors as low as I could then painted them black.
  12. dmax1

    Right hand mirror?

    Any body have a R/H mirror with stem for an 85 vmax they would like to part with? I had posted before and someone said they did (forgot who) but the deal never materialized. I want to keep it stock. Or if anyone knows were i can get a nice set of aftermarket mirrors for a decent price that would...
  13. OCVmax

    Mirror Bolts

    Does anyone know what the bolt diameter is for the mirrors?
  14. C

    billet mirror

    http://www.rideitmoto.com/products.php?id=177 wanna get this mirror. it looks like the RIZOMA knock off but less half price.......
  15. dmax1

    Used r/h mirror anybody?

    New to this forum as I only found it about 3 weeks ago. Great site! Plenty of great information and people on here. I am looking for a R/H mirror for my stock 85 V-max. If any can help me out that would be great.:confused2:
  16. vmaxcruzer

    Mirror stems

    Guy's, a buddy of mine ordered a set of Emgo mirrors to replace his factory ones due to a crash last fall and found out the hard way that Emgo suck. Not only that but they sent the short stems like from the vstar, and they are both right handed thread?!!. Anyhow, I told him I'd hit up the list...
  17. dannymax

    OEM Mirror dis-assembly

    Is there a way to take apart the oem mirrors without smashing them? I like the field of vision the stock mirrors offer but want them black.
  18. Diablotin

    Master cylinder Mirror issue

    I changed the handle bar this weekend for a drag bar type. Really better than the stock one IMO. My pb is the right mirror which is loose now. The stem doesn't stay in place. I think the thread of the master cylinder is dying. Any idea what I can do ? I thought of putting some blue...
  19. naughtyG

    need a mirror adapter

    I wondered if anyone here would happen to have one of those mirror adapters lying around? It need to be left-threaded both in and out - it's for my right-hand mirror. Since I swapped my mirrors with those lovely 'as new' ones I bought here, I realized that my old ones weren't original (wrong...
  20. tugla

    I should have know better, looking for a mirror now

    We'll being it wasn't raining and running late for a meeting thought i'd take the vmax out. So like always push it out and start it up but like i said being late instead of putting my piece of wood under the stand, thought well just be a sec to put on the jacket and helmet, well you can guess...