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  1. jdeitz1979

    Solid mounts

    How many of you guys are running the solid motor mounts? I'm looking into getting a set, will most likely be made of delrin, and I know there has to be a little more vibration due to this. And if so, how did the guys running them lower the vibrations from the mounts...( shot in handle bars...
  2. S

    Weld on mounts for brace bars.

    I'm about to make a start on my frame brace bars. Concern is my weld on mounts may interfere with motor removal. Any recommendations ?
  3. srk468

    Phone mounts?

    What are some of you guys using for phone mounts? I have a HTC one and would like to be able to use my GPS while riding, thanks! Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  4. Redbone

    Delrin Motor Mounts

    I'm looking for a set of new Delrin motor mounts, anybody know where to source them? I have a set on my current engine made by Jedi but need a new set. Sean do you carry them or can get them from Steve? Or should I contact Steve directly? TIA!
  5. R

    solid motor mounts

    I was wondering if these are worth the money .They state that it is the cheapest addon to help handleing for the max.I was also wondering what type of steal the engine bolts are made of?.
  6. timscues

    Gauge Mounts

    Looking at adding a new tach and or speedo any ideas on brackets for the gauges
  7. timscues

    Delrin or Aluminum Motor Mounts?

    Is there any difference in using the delrin or aluminum motor mounts in a Gen 1? Wear and Tear or vibrations? Also looking for a luggage rack other than Mek out there?
  8. 95spfldmax

    GPS Mounts

    Can anyone recommend any good mounts thier using for their GPS's??
  9. F

    Stupid Question/Solid Engine Mounts

    Durring my working career they did a personality analysis type of thing &....I'm confirmed as part of the 5% of the population that thinks/approaches everything differently... No more right or wrong than the other 95% just a different approach... I just finished putting engine gaurds/highway...
  10. M

    Solid Motor Mounts vs. Frame Brace

    While looking at solid motor mounts, I have found a lot of people have installed both solid motor mounts and frame braces. Given the solid mounts should turn your engine into a brace can any one explain the benefit of both modifications? Specifically has any one installed the solid mounts...
  11. 95spfldmax

    Valve Cover Gasket & Rubber Mounts

    Does anyone have a good place to buy OEM replacement parts? I'm looking at $25.00 for a valve cover gasket which is fine, I guess. But the rubber mounts are $7-$8 ea times 16...YIKES!!.......Is there a trick to refurbishing them maybe?? TIA.
  12. S

    motor mounts?

    where can i order some solid motor mounts? i like the shiny ones

    Covering the exhaust mounts

    For anyone that has a 4-1 on their bike, have you come up with a way to cover up the exhaust mount that is not being used? Just wondering what others have done, if anything. I'm thinking a stainless or black button head and a washer but if anyone else has an idea I'm looking for a suggestion.
  14. H

    Solid motor mounts

    I've found aluminum or delrin mounts. Any thoughts? Seems like the aluminum would transfer vibrations better but I'm not sure if there are any other factors I'm missing. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it!

    Radiator mounts

    I noticed a question on the yahoo list regarding radiator mounting and now its got me thinking There are four radiator mounts. Two short, two long. As sitting on the bike, do the long mounts go on the left or the right? I'm thinking I may have put one of each on each side.
  16. kozy

    Fatmax bellypan mounts

    Has anyone here who has a Fatmax bellypan ever had issues with ground clearance? If I lean into a turn too much, I scrape the pan on the ground. And, I just noticed the other day that the front 2 mounts for the bellypan have busted in half....I'll give Roger a call and see if I can get new ones...
  17. rarick123

    Cheetahonline solid motor mounts?

    Anyone using these? I placed my order 2 weeks ago (instant payment via PayPal), and I haven't received them yet, haven't gotten anything regarding shipping, and they haven't responded to my email asking for an update.
  18. WVxNitemare

    Solid Motor Mounts Are INSTALLED!!!

    W000t :th_image003:I got my new motor mounts installed (late last night) the rear's were a PAIN IN THE ASS:pullhair:. Anyways got all the mounts in, now just to put everything back on the bike, but won't get to try it out for another 4 months or so. Will I notice a big difference with the...
  19. GREEN light BLITZ

    how much of a pain? solid motor mounts?

    I have been looking into switching to solid billet motor mounts to improve handling because I cant afford engine bars(even though I want them SO bad!) So the question is how hard is it to switch the engine mounts? I dont wanna pull my motor, I would preffer to pull the old ones one and slide...
  20. 02Moneypit

    Front upper motor mounts

    Ok boys and squirels im about to ask a question to what i made get made fun of or maybe not,does anyone know if you can remove the threaded rod that carries through the top upper motor mount that i think is used to lock the upper motor mount bolt in place.I want to remove this from my 02 as i am...