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  1. D

    Stage 7 needles for stock - trade me

    Like it says... Send me your stock needles, and I'll send you my stage 7s. Pm me.
  2. veebooster

    Stage 7 needles

    Carb gurus: why would a stage 7 needle start causing a slide to stick? Situation: #2 carb slide sticking. Remove the needle its good. Put the needle back it sticks (white screw loose needle floats freely in the slide). Move the whole thing to another carb it sticks there too. Tried another...
  3. L

    Observations on my carb main needles

    I am still fighting an overall low vacuum problem on my 1986 Venture. However I have it running what seems to be good. Synced the carbs using a few pieces of 24 gauge wire in the throttle plates. Then of course curiosity reared its head. Could my main needles be affecting the idle circuits...
  4. eggohead

    Factory Pro Needles

    Looking for so help adjusting the 95". It has holeshot 4-2 exhaust, single oval K&N filter( I took off the Y, hoping to get a little more air). I pulled slides to night, they are drilled, needles were on third clip. Springs look stock. Air/fuel screws were maybe 1 turn out if that. I put...
  5. T

    Inherited Stage 1 Needles with Stock exhaust

    Hi all My 88 is running just fine, I've rebuilt and repainted it, and I'm down to final tweaks now. I was having low end issues but I discovered the PAJ2 were the non stock sizes, that's all taken care of. Which also took me from 25 to 30MPG, still low of course so I've been doing everything...
  6. jwood

    A/F Needles

    I am getting ready to replace my corrosion infested AF needles, do i need to drain the bowls first? If the needles don't come out I know I can blow some air down the PAJ to set them free, but can this be done "without" disassembly of the diaphragm covers and removing the slides first?
  7. S

    Float needles

    Hi guys, if the float needle ( float stop, no sure the name, but the little piece that is attached to the float for setting fuel level)...... Anyway, if they are worn , will they allow a little fuel past which might cause a small backfire when you turn the ignition on?:ummm:
  8. N

    Rich/lean adjustment by adding/removing washers under the carb needles

    Anyone else do this? I pulled the diaphrams (sp?) and removed the needles.. Then went and got plastic washers to place under the needles, to move them up and create a richer mixture an mid/high throttle openings. I have been tuning my carbs for the Vmax's new home, at our lake house (elevation...
  9. B

    adjustable needles

    Cant find the specs on FJ1200, XJ1200, XJR 1300 carb needles. I found a place that had adjustable needles for that model. Carb looks something similar to the max carbs. Anybody have any specs to see what they measure? thanks
  10. S

    Stock adjustable needles?

    So I was looking on bikebandit, and they have the california needles, or the 49 state needles. Are the California needles adjustable? If so, is that the only difference?
  11. C

    Stage 7 needles washer

    What does the little washer on the needle that goes between the E-clip and big washer do in a stage 7 kit? Does it REALLY need to go there?=)
  12. vmaxrooky

    What needles are these?

    One is a stock needle and the other is unknown?? My bike didn't like the stock needles at all it was choking and sputtering and almost back fired threw the carbs ... Went from 155 main jets down to 152.5 gunna see how she runs.. 100 paj and the other is 170....
  13. rifleman

    Recommended Jets / Needles

    Hi I am new to the world of VMAX and love it, I have had my MAX for about 3 weeks and will probably own one for life. The 2000 I just bought has a K&N filter and UFO Drag star slash cut exhaust on it. I am wondering what the recommended jets and needles with this set up are on it. I...
  14. G

    Stock Needles

    What's the difference between stock (49 state) needles and stock (California) needles, other than the Cali needles being adjustable?
  15. tothemax93

    Shimming needles

    I've been researching how to do this. From what I'm reading its not all that hard, but I tend to do best with pictures. I can't find any. Is there any on here I'm missing.
  16. K

    Wrong carb needles & PAJ1 jets from factory ?

    Nope... I just realize now that I have a Califonia or "cali" bike; surprise ... surprise !!! Found an earlier post from Sean Morley explaining the differences. My 06, purchased new in Michigan, didn't have the canister attached, but it did have the capped carb port and wire hose holder on one...
  17. B

    Factory Pro needles

    I have a set of Factory Pro 1st gen. Vmax needles, they were installed in my bike for a couple of miles just to play arround so I would say they are LIKE NEW $50
  18. D

    Main Jets and needles

    I know I will eventually find this with searchs, but there are so many threads on this already even the search takes forever. I finally got all my parts to put on the Marks and my Morely jet kit. Of course it is the weekend before Easter and I am out of town this weekend, but I took Monday...
  19. F

    Stock Needles

    How much can you shim stock needles before they stop making the engine richer? Thanks, Joey
  20. SpecOps13

    Jetting and Needles, Help Me...

    I've heard all the bad things about the Dynojet Stage 1. Let's get past that for a minute. CaptainKyle's working on getting me the parts to go back to stock. Saml01 has offered to sell me the parts, Stock Main Jets and Needles if Kyle can't get them. I have over a week before Kyle is ready to...