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  1. D

    2nd Gear Poll

    I'm new here and looking to get into a 1st gen. Had a second gen for a couple of years, but had to sell a while ago and looking to get back into a max I can afford. I looked in search for poll results of the dreaded 2nd gear failure, but was unable to locate one. Can someone please start a poll...
  2. Rusty McNeil

    Poll, give the gun back??

    I put my truck up for sale 2 weeks ago, the one I said I'd never sell. It's in the way all the time and I don't drive it but maybe 500 miles a year.. Anyway....Did the research and came up with a number that I wanted for it, $7000 which was HIGH Trade-IN for FAIR condition, according to KBB...
  3. EvilD

    Awesome VMax poll

    When you ride a V Max a certain level of awesomeness is expected, vote as follows.
  4. tfisher65

    VMOA Poll #1

    There is a new poll set-up on the VMOA web site for all members regarding the VBoost magazine. Please submit your vote, it does count!
  5. S

    U S Gun Ownership Rights Poll

    Happen to get this in an email this eve. Dunno how old or new it is. It will let you vote. Seen the big 'supreme' (becoming an anemic word in the judicial system) judge thinks we constitutionally shouldn't have personal weapons. Come and get 'em old man, one piece at a time.:biglaugh...
  6. Shuriken

    Speed wobble vs Weight Poll

    Hello everyone, I noticed that my bike is much more safe, predictable, and solid when a passenger comes along for the ride. Obviously, there is more weight on the suspension. I'd like to see if there is a stronger correlation between the speed wobble and weight.
  7. spursmech

    Healthcare poll

    Hey, check out this link and vote so your Congressman knows what you think. Takes less than one minute. Good Luck, Spur :punk: http://fleming.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=55
  8. MoPure

    Rate Obama's first year of ruling America...CBS poll

    http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-6116297-503544.html?tag= Pretty amazing that CBS is doing this poll and showing the results as they build.
  9. maleko89

    Poll: Okay, what's next?

    Okay, what should I do next? My engine has 72,000 miles and only issue is that it is using about a 1/2 quart of oil every 1500 miles. Maybe time to refresh? I'm not made of money so obviously have to plan each mod carefully.
  10. gamorg02

    Morley jet kit/Vboost poll.

    Morley jet kit/Vboost poll just curious on people running morley's kit what they're doing with vboost. please put an answer down and give a reason why. Does it feel like more power, dyno'd more power with certain setup, etc.... You can select multiple choices incase you switch between.
  11. Shuriken

    Ricor Intiminators Poll

    I'm very interested in the intiminators for my '85. Would like some simple feedback. Please add to your poll vote the year of your V-Max and what it did or did not improve.
  12. ghostntheshell

    Paint option Poll...

    Trying to decide where I want to go with the Vmax, paint wise... I thought I'd poll and see what people think... ________ Health Forums
  13. Shuriken

    Wheelie poll: Who has brought the front end up?

    Who has brought the front end up (wheelie) for any reason, intentional or unintentional, on a V-Max?
  14. gamorg02

    Poll: Nice Guy Award for Jeff...

    I think jeff deserves the award, not only for helping me w/my headlight but more importantly all the work for abe as well!!
  15. Shuriken

    Elevation Poll: What elevation range is your bike most often ridden in?

    What elevation range is your bike most often ridden in?
  16. Shuriken

    What tires do you run? (poll)

    What tires do you run on your Max?
  17. R

    new vmax poll

    love it Love it with mods Hate it
  18. Robbarrie

    Would you like to see a poll section ?

    Personally I would like see a poll section on the forum. Nothing in it but polls. We could have all kinds of questions about all kinds of things. Tires, seats, shocks, windshields, pipes, steering dampeners, speed wobbles, detailing products, polish or chrome, frame brace, plugs, cooling...
  19. firefly

    which mods are the most essential poll

    The most essential mods to do on a bone stock max
  20. G Man

    Poll: Dial Up or High Speed?

    Well, this topic has popped up once or twice. I'm curious how the membership accesses the 'net and this forum. No need to explain your choice, so don't feel out of place one way or the other. Just vote on the poll. I'm sure we all have valid reasons why we use what we use. Your choice of ISP...