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    Bullying is a serious issue even for a 60 year old

    I can't win, I'm sitting in my home minding my own business and go to Starvmax to read the latest posts. They have a lot more activity than this forum does for Gen 2's but as far as members this forum is #1 by far So anyway I go there just now to read the latest posts and I see this...
  2. ImCannibal

    In need of serious help!!!

    So I got my Max all buttoned up after doing a bunch of work after the accident last year, and it started sputtering then lost power and left me stranded... Sean diagnosed it as the r/r so I did the r1 r/r upgrade plus the crimp delete, now it's doing it again. I took it out for a test ride and...
  3. C

    Are u f&$%#*ng serious? Ugh.

    So my 'new' 2011 gen 2 showed up last night... And, my gen 1 has some drops of coolant on the garage floor. Looks like it is leaking from a gasket above the oil filter. Don't see any bad hoses. Is this the water pump?
  4. SpecOps13

    Serious Firearm Safety

    This is what can happen when you don't lock things up.........:gun shoot:
  5. Kronx

    Serious pucker factor this weekend...

    On a scale of 1 to 10, it was at about 17.5. Decided to do some riding this weekend. Yesterday in St. Louis had crazy wind conditions. At first it didn't seem that bad, and I got through most of the day actually enjoying it a bit. Then as I was on my way home on a highway the crosswinds got...
  6. A

    serious problems after oil pump recall work

    :damn angry:Hi all. I have a 2010 vmax with. On friday i took it into my local dealer to have a oil pump recall performed. 2 miles down the road after leaving the dealership the engine started making some serious squealing noises then actually quit. At first it didnt start then did with the...
  7. Thevmaxrider

    On a serious note.....

    Guys, It’s Movember, the month formerly known as November, which is dedicated to growing moustaches and raising awareness and funds for men’s health. I have joined the movement and will be donating my upper lip to the cause for 30 days. My Mo will spark conversations, and no doubt generate...
  8. VMAX1260

    serious problem with my engine

    i cant stand it anymore. before one year i did a total repair to my engine. mad2 e 13.000 kilometres. today something happend and i want to kill myself. travelling about 60 opened the throttle and my engine felt a little tired to rev up. when i closed the throttle the needle of the rpm went...
  9. SpecOps13

    VMax Addiction..... It's a Serious Case..

    When I get into something, I generally go at it all the way. Thought I could survive this with 2 VMax's. I have an 89 and a 94. The 94 runs perfect and it's about as far as I want to mod it. The 89 is a Gnats Ass from being at 100%. Well, I thought then, I'd flip the 89 and buy a Gen II but...
  10. shawnlee

    i need serious help

    I stripped the threads on my 01 flywheel shaft and need a fix. Could I retap and use a bolt without the oil wire, drill a small hole thru the bolt for the oil?
  11. jedi-

    Are you serious?

    Riding home today he comes flying up behind me really loud to let me know he's "there"on his?? I didn't really care to look except I could easily tell it was a single cylinder thumper. We catch the next red light and both end up at the front. I could tell from my peripheral vision he was eying...
  12. RagingMain

    !!!!Need Some Serious Help!!!!

    My ignitor shit the bed on my 86 my parts bike is a 90, they wont match. I am looking for a dyna 3000 for my 86. Dyna doesnt make anymore and need to see if anyone out there might have one or a line on where I can get one. All help and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. EvilD

    Serious ownage

    Read the first and 4th posts
  14. dannymax

    A very serious pecker!!

    This is 2 days work for a 'Piliated Woodpecker' I've been watching out the living room window. Pretty fierce looking bird they are 16" to 19" tall and have a wingspan of 2 to 2 1/2 feet. I'll never get a pic of one because they are extremely shy, and I don't have a telephoto lens, but we have...
  15. naughtyG

    Serious hi speed wobbles troubles

    So I recently got my '86 V-max. Started riding it, and noticed a pretty bad high speed wobble problem. I took it to 125mph and it shook its head so bad I thought I was gonna die. Through a few posts here, I found out about tightening the steering head bearing nuts. As I'm not home with all my...
  16. Rusty McNeil

    My most serious mod yet!

    Changing the oil and for some odd reason I had a beer in one hand and the filter in the other.....The rest is history!!
  17. firefly

    Today I did some serious lane splitting with T-boost on

    I scared myself today having the T-boost on at 3K and splitting lanes in surface streets like their is no tomorrow, covered a distance that usually takes 20 min lane splitting in 7 min of hyper lane splitting, that T-boost acceleration scared the sh---- out of car drivers around me, today I...