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  1. jdeitz1979

    USD fork extensions

    I was wondering if anyone on here is running them? I seen cycle one-off has some,which have definitely peaked my interest. I figure I would ask here, and see what I can get for feedback and advise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ImCannibal

    My adventure into a USD front end.

    So, as some of you know... I downed my Max in September, and to much chagrin it was totaled out. But after many phone calls to Sean, along with many emails and parts later, I now have a functional USD front end off a YZF750R transplanted to the max. The parts list goes as follows: Yzf750r forks...
  3. motomick76

    USD Front / ZRX Rear

    Soon in my garage will be Bud's (Moore) Vmax, and it seems everyone here is familiar with it. Of course I plan on taking it to the next level. It has more motor than I will ever need, so I want to refine the suspension to match the motor. (Reality is it cannot be matched, but we try! :oh...
  4. dtoebaert-5311

    USD forks?

    Am I doing something wrong or are there really 0 (zero) hits when searching the forum for "USD" or even "UPSD" (you never know) :confused2:
  5. C

    6 pot vs stock 4 pot and USD frontends

    I am really on the fence about what I want to do with my max this winter. I planned on doing USD triples, most likely just because I can and I would like to. But I am also wondering, how much does that really affect the handling if you DONT go with 17" wheels and new radials. Lets say...
  6. wildweasel_pt

    Different USD front end for Vmax

    Well guys i started joining a couple bits and came up with another option for the vmax. Don't know if anyone already used this one or not (kawasaki ZX9R). This one came out pretty good i think. Polished with black matte and golden... Now just need to wipe the dust off and deliver... Pretty cool...

    GSXR USD -Can it work?

    Anyone have any knowledge whether a 2005 750 GSXR frond can support the Vmax and can it be readily adapted to our head tube bearing cups? I got a line on one reasonable and clean and want to give it a try. Any advice or real world experience is appreciated. Thanks, PATMAX
  8. vmax_nc

    USD Fork Extensions

    Looking to get some more clearance under the Vmax. Anyone have any experience with the USD Fork Extensions like Cycle One Off has? My concern is just how strong this mod really is. Thanks, Marcus

    USD triple options

    Anyone have any experience with this company? Billet Bike Bits (Roy) Based in the UK. They make a few options for vmax triples (and others). One type has a 2" drop on the top triple, the bottom triple looks...

    USD measurements for reference

    I see that przemek posted this a while ago. Since then it looks like some more info has been added. I can't attest to the accuracy of the info but it seems like a good reference for anyone interested in going USD.
  11. C

    USD on V-Max

    Concerning the triple clamp/steering head stem, what is needed to put an R1 front end onto a V-Max? Do I use the stem from the R1 or have the V-Max stem installed (and does that necessitate machining of the R1 lower clamp and bushing of the top clamp)?
  12. A

    FZR 1000 USD forks

    IfI am having an affordable fork set with the tripple tree, how can I adapt it for a 93-up Vmax ? Is it practical? All feedback appreciated. Thank you Adam
  13. pumacorp

    USD fork conversion spring rates

    So anyone who has done the USD conversion what spring rate are u using and how is the ride? I have used the gsxr750 front end with a 0.90 rate which I think sucks and now im trying a hayabusa one,,Ill be putting it on in 2 weeks or so... So please post your conversion and the spring rate that...
  14. joelyons50023

    USD forks

    metal struts for the rear shocks What size of struts in place of the shocks could be used at the lowest point for the vmax before you would run into problems? Thanks.
  15. Redbone

    USD for Vmax from a Suzuki?

    Over on the Yahoo Tech list I saw a post about using a Suzuki vs800 USD setup. Not sure I'm wild about the cutting and rewelding the "center stem". Does anybody have any thoughts on this USD setup? They also mentioned a Mean Streak USD. (note: edited due to format differences.) MY QUESTION...
  16. E

    What USD setup?

    Hi all: I'm looking to go with a USD front fork setup (new or used) for my '89 Max. Any of you have any suggestions for the least expensive setup to do this? I'd like to keep the stock front fender, stock front wheel, axle, bearings and speedometer if possible, while (of course) replacing...
  17. P

    Starting to plan USD front fork

    I am going to get a set of new wheels and usd front next winter so im just starting to think about what i need.. First of i do want the Otec triple tree and i was thinking about R1 or hayabusa fork. here is and R1...
  18. R

    USD forks

    You guys running the R1 forks from Cycleoneoff tell whats good or bad about them please.
  19. Birdoprey

    Does anyone make offset tripples for USD on Vmax?

    I was wondering if anyone makes offset tripple clamps for use with USD forks on the Vmax?
  20. Birdoprey

    Front wheel/speedo options with USD?

    Hi guys, Anyone running a newer USD with the larger front axle(25mm IIRC)? If so, what are you doing for a speedo? I'm running a ZX-9 USD on my 89 V-Max. It uses a smaller axle and had a speedo drive on it. I love it, but it weighs in just 1/2lb shy of the stk setup!(the complete front end)...