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  1. Foxviewnet

    Tail of the Dragon

    Just enjoying great weather and riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains this week with my better half. She suggested we head over to Deals Gap and ride the Tail of the Dragon. What a blast! The Vmax performed great riding 2 up and we ran it twice. Must have been hundreds of riders throughout the...
  2. C

    The dragon ? Third week of August?

    I heard there will be vmax gathering at dragon is this true
  3. Rollie

    Tail Of The Dragon September 17th-20th

    Anybody on the forum planning to ride the Dragon next week ? :punk:
  4. rusty

    The Dragon

  5. J

    Tail of the Dragon new record set?

    So, is this what it looks like to take a crotch rocket through the Tail of the Dragon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=SmmmfppZ3gk
  6. NHVmaxpower

    Pirelli Night Dragon

    Hey all its been a long time since I have posted. Just wondering if anyone has used the Pirelli Night Dragon on there maxes?? Looks like a nice tire low profile almost like a radial or are they just using a generic pic of the tire??? Input would be nice or do I see radials for this winter :-)?
  7. texas-ss-tornado

    Dragon lodging?

    This might be a good investment......... :punk: http://eastky.craigslist.org/mcy/4574946227.html
  8. D

    129 dragon

    Is there a VMAX ride at dragon in Sept 2014?
  9. Bill Kratzenberg

    Road trip >tail of the dragon

    Leaving this Friday morning .. riding down through west Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, then to north Carolina. spending all day riding the tail and surrounding areas Saturday, then homeward bound sunday. anyone going to be around and want to hook up, let me know. Got the 05 all loaded up and...
  10. VMax-Mike

    Michigan area to Dragon to Thunder

    Anyone want to ride with me. Im thinking of meeting up with Tom and Brian But i want to ride.
  11. C

    The Tail of the Dragon....

    Guys do you think the weather would be good enough to ride through in a couple weeks while going to Daytona ? I ve been checking the weather, but I didnt think about the high altitude? I ll be riding through on the 13th of this month. Todd
  12. Redbone

    Tail of the Dragon Lodging

    Tom (The Beekeeper) and I are hitting up the Tail of the Dragon this year in the days preceding this June's Thunder in the Valley and as the title suggests we are looking for recommended places to stay on north end of the Dragon. We don't need anything real fancy just something where we can park...
  13. JTidwell44

    Here's a video of my ride on the Dragon's Tail this weekend

  14. hijacker

    Tail of the Dragon

    Finally got to ride US 129, The Tail of the Dragon last week with some friends and family. Although it wasn't the most scenic road we rode during our vacation it was definitely the twistiest and it totally lives up to it's reputation. The bike in front of me is my wife, Shelley and our 13 year...
  15. CustomMax

    Another Tail of the dragon?

    Someone told me there's another twisty road they call the tail of the dragon out of Oakland Maryland. It's rt 50 heading west from Oakland md. Out into Ohio. I looked on google earth and it looks real twisty and looks like it might be pretty scenic as well. My question is, has anyone taken this...
  16. bikedave99

    Tail of the Dragon

    Over memorial day weekend, my buddy (on an SV650) and I hit up the Tail of the Dragon for the first time. Excellent fun and good scenery! Anyway, if any of you guys were there over that weekend you can get digital downloads of you pictures taken by www.us129photos.com for just a buck a pic! I...
  17. Peacockdawg

    Dragon Tail / Deal's Gap _ 2011

    Is there a discussion going on within the V-MAX community, to gather for a Dragon Tail and/or Deal's Gap ride in 2011? I see the R1/R6 folks are planning on June 13 thru 19th. Sounds like fun. And if so, anyone from out west riding that way? (Wyoming, east ride)
  18. daves86vmax

    off to the Dragon

    took the bike for a little 85 mile test run tonight after changing the r/r and it everything seems fine so i changed the oil and filter and tomorrow after work shes onto a trailer and we're off to NC/TN to do some ridin.i'll bring back some pics and vids of the trip,i plan on being down there...
  19. mattness

    so i rode the dragon again..

    saw a bear, that was cool. i wanted to get closer but couldnt see where the mama bear was, LOL for anyone whos never been to the dragon, its a curvy road in the mountains, you damn near have to scrape your pegs at every turn going 25 mph, youll have some serious turning "confidence" for a few...
  20. 9

    Tail of the Dragon Closed!

    It looks like a rock slide took out the Tail of the Dragon earlier this month. The posts right now list it as possibly not reopening until September. That just blows! My buddies and I were planning on making a run down there this summer. http://www.tailofthedragon.com/