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  1. G


    I used to take my 2001 VMax to BoxenStopp in Daytona beach for tune ups, but since Joe is gone is there a shop that specializes in Vmax tune and repair somewhere in Central Florida, near Orlando I need to have the valves adjusted.
  2. desert_max

    '85 Bits - Garage Sale (literally)

    Cleaning out the garage, I find I still have some VMax stuff hanging around. I've got it posted on eBay, but I'll discount those prices for folks here. Shoot me an offer if I'm out of line. I'm flexible. The bike was a very clean, low mile Arizona '85. The list: ignition CDI controller...
  3. cyclehoarder

    Garage cleaning and bike TLC day

    Pulled the all out today to clean the garage and make room for the new Mr Max and the recent baby Vmax, Productive day! Tomorrow off to a Vintage bike fest on the river in Madison IN weather is supposed to be awesome. Don't they look good together!!
  4. K

    ADVICE to BRING TO LIFE: 1985 vmax 1200 sitting in garage for 3 years

    Hello - I am newbie not only to this forum, but to the VMax. I did some searching within the forum before I posted, but was not able to find exactly want I need to know. I just picked up a 1985 VMAX 1200 which has been sitting in a garage for 3 years without being started or covered...
  5. Fire-medic

    movable shelf storage for the garage

    Here's an interesting thread on for a storage shelving unit, which could easily be used for bikes, or whatever heavier, bulky items you need to store. The shelves are cable raised and lowered. He uses an electric cable hoist. The guy used unistrut and their various fittings...
  6. Fire-medic

    A corner of my garage

    I've had a big home refurbishment project, getting ready for retirement. Part of the total renovation is a new garage. My wife said, "don't even think about moving your old rusty toolboxes and workbenches into that new garage!" Fortunately, she did say that I could get new ones to replace the...
  7. Fire-medic

    Sears garage organization

    Sears has a BOGO deal on the Whirlpool Corp. Geartrack garage organization material you fasten to your wall, and then use different brackets on it to hang your tools. The local Sears had the BOGO on the single tracks measuring 6" x 48" for $13.99, so that's 12" x 48" for $13.99. I bought 8 of...
  8. Redbone

    Garage Journal

    I had posted in another post (Drag Race bike project, gen II) by KariR complimenting him on his work on his Gen2 and his shop, and suggested that he would fit right in with some of the shops I've seen on Garage Journal. I did not want to corrupt his excellent post with discussion about issues...
  9. dannymax

    '85 'Garage find' #407 for sale

    Looking for a nice resto project? Here is a 1985 low number (#407) for sale. It looks like it's been sitting for quite a while but it's a complete, original 1985. The carbs had never been off the bike, mixture screw brass plugs were still in place, but surprisingly clean except for a few...
  10. blaxmax

    For the garage

    $99 at harbor freight. $
  11. maleko89

    Garage stain removal

    I have a dump bucket sitting under my kegerator taps in the garage. The wife pulled her vehicle up to far so the bucket flipped over so that a ring of old beer awesomeness is stained into the garage floor. I have tried WD-40 and carb cleaner and nada. Any other ideas? Power washer maybe...
  12. frank5079

    For those of us who don't have a garage...
  13. Miles Long

    do do do.....lookin' out my garage door

    and there ain't no "happy creatures playin' on the lawn" This is not supposed to happen! It's SPRING! Great cooler, though. Cheers!
  14. C

    Fast and loud.... douche bag garage....

    Are these guys really that stupid? I mean seriously I've tried to watch that show and if that guy ever walked into my shop...... Wait I just had his brother in my shop.... his name was Larry..... Good lord some things they put on TV to get ratings. I think I would rather watch my dog shit...
  15. VegasVMax

    Garage door opener

    Opening the garage door just got easier. I spent the morning installing a remote garage door opener on my 05. I started with a skylink universal garage door opener that I ordered off eBay. You could probably get away with any opener but I like this one because its small so its easy to hide. I...
  16. Mod Monkey

    Coming to your garage!

    As the caption says we are getting down and dirty now!!!! Releasing the best of the best Mod Monkeys out there on you!!!
  17. NHVmaxpower

    My new winter garage

    :rofl_200:What my wife don't love me?? This is my bike in our living room. We were still able to keep the bird couch & play stand so I only needed to move a table & lamp & put down some carpet to catch any driippings. She will be parked here through the winter to do any mods n such. Either she...
  18. SpecOps13

    Too Many Bikes And Parts In My Garage

    What a mess I've created. 4 bikes and so many parts, it's hard to get any work done in there... Garage Sale.. Been bustin butt for the past few days getting all the garage sale stuff together... This Weekend, if the world doesn't end... My Garage was in more overloaded shape than Kyle's for a...
  19. gennro

    Garage made Highbars/crash bars

    Well here is my latest project. Just fabbed up some highway bars/crash bars for the v-max. Didn't feel like paying 120+ for some bars so I figured I would buy me a new drill press for that and some metal and make my own. Put a little grip tape on them to keep my feet from sliding off while...
  20. V

    Garage Door Remote Switch

    I can't even count the number of garage door remotes I've lost while riding my vmax. Does anyone here have suggestions how to mount a remote switch on the bike to open a garage door?