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  1. Traumahawk

    All I can say is wow........ Supercharged Brit breaks cover Reborn British brand Hesketh launched a new bike at the Carlole Nash MCN London Show last weekend – and it's a 2100cc monster! Named the Valiant after...
  2. SpecOps13

    If Hillery Wins???????????? Wow...

  3. N

    Seafoam+shotgun carb cleaning= Wow!

    Never had her run so good! I did the shotgun cleaning method I saw on here, and used b12 chemtool, and 100psi. I added seafoam to the gas tank, and also sprayed it (did you know it comes in aerosol form too?) in the carbs with the bike running as I throttled it up to keep it from dying. After...
  4. S

    Marks Exhaust WOW

    I got my Mark's 4-2 Exhaust Tuesday. I installed it Wednesday. Started it up Wednesday. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH my. 14" cans with 2" outlets. Fit was excellent. Finish was ok, some weld spatter, cans excellent Easy install. Welds left a lot to desire as others have said. Sound .... I've only had...
  5. D


    Saw this in the news, thought you guys might get a kick. This bike is gorgeous, has some amazing stats. 200+ HP and under 400 lbs.
  6. Boostmax

    Wow! The gen 2 does handle!! Cant do this on a gen 1!

    Nice video showing the handling potential of the gen 2 on a track. Gen 2 shows up about 0:45 sec in. Very impressive
  7. jims94vmx

    rode a 2010 WOW

    So Howard says lets go on the Lehighton Bike night and ride Saturday....sounds like a plan just had to button up my 94 with the new Slave new gasket etc and bleed line. Saturday I hear a bike coming down my road and actually said to the wife can't be Howard, the bike is not quiet...
  8. C

    Wow.... someone that gets it...

    And not saying wow because he is black. But saying wow... I am glad to see some people get it and aren't fooled by the media crap out there.
  9. CustomMax

    Wow pics

    Here's what I found when I opened the case on the front of the swingarm. Then here's the biggest piece left of the chain Here's when I poured it into a plastic bag Sent from my iPhone 5✨
  10. you2low

    WoW!! Is this a deal or what

    last week they were $600..:confused2:
  11. SpecOps13

    Wow, This is Insane Driving. :-))))))

    This is a Gotta Watch...
  12. 98jpvmax

    Wow battery thanks for nothing!!

    Pretty lame figured i would throw the battery in my Max today, i charged it up 3-4 weeks ago out of the bike its been in my basement all winter, get all hooked up and in the bike, turns over about 4-5 times!!! put 50amp boost on it about the same, battery worked fine last summer not sure how old...
  13. texas-ss-tornado

    Wow! VMAX's ARE fast!

    These kinda ads really kwack me up! :biglaugh:
  14. 88vmx12


    Ok I am not trying to bust anyone up, but really! :ummm: Where I am from buying something with a salvage title is like buying toilet paper with holes in it! It is not worth much at all. So I have to LMAO :rofl_200: at the starting price of this...
  15. 88vmx12

    wow he is good!

    Sean , He is awesome...... Nice swingarm:punk: will you take payments for this high class work?:ummm: or will you just take my first born:rofl_200: Look forward to seeing it in person Thanks Gannon
  16. acammer

    Wow, the Vmax sure eats tires. Cost of doing business with the sport bikes...

    I was giving Mr. Max the once over before my ride into work this morning, and I notice just how much I've work that OEM Dunlop K525 in the 1500 miles I've put on the bike since buying it this winter. When I bought it, I had a decent amount of depth to that center groove. At this point, it just...
  17. D


    Today I had my new Metzler 880's mounted on my bike. I went with the 170/80/15 rear and stock measurement front. It's like riding a different bike. Feels like I'm a couple of inches higher, but handling is GREATLY improved. The front wobble is gone. Everything feels better. You know when...
  18. bud7680

    WOW, awesome Vmax

    :worthy:Check it out on Ebay, its a whole new ballgame now, if you have $$2000 Custom Built Motorcycles Yamaha Vmax Full custom Vmax V-max V max muscle bike Fat tire Please wait Image not available Zoom Enlarge Mouse here to zoom in Please wait Image not available...
  19. vmaxcruzer

    WOW what a deal!

    Hey everyone. Check out these 06 bar end weights.:rofl_200:
  20. 1967vmax

    WoW Yamha needs to get on track!!!

    So i am thinking of upgrading to a new ATV looking at the grizzly 700 and the king quad 750 both with EPS,I was very shocked to see yamaha at 6.9% fixed ,interest and suzuki offering 1.9 with zero down,and 0% with 20% down fixed at 5yrs. I really want a grizzly but its a going to be a king quad...