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    1st Gen HID lighting

    Anyone find a HID headlamp conversion kit that fits without moding or very little modding on a 97 vmax ? I tried one from my vtx 1300 as they use the same h4 9003 lamp but the lamp legs are to wide to get the yamaha metal ring to fasten. If I wanted to i could order a similar kit and dremel it...
  2. 95spfldmax

    LED Lighting Choices

    Who's using what for LED headlights? How do you like the performance, reliability, cost? I'm having my 2nd failure with my HID setup. I love the performance but reliability seems to be a problem for me. Looks like I may need to bail on it. What are you guys using? and how do you think they...
  3. rusty

    Electric Lighting

    It sounds like everybody is getting into the worlds fastest production motorcycle
  4. m-cman

    HID Lighting

    Any one know anything about this item?
  5. R

    Rear brake safety lighting etc

    I'm becoming more aware of this issue as I often sit at a stoplight in neutral, hands and feet off brakes = no brake lights = increase risk of getting run over. So.... I've been looking at the signal dynamics back off brake modules, the ones that have programmed flash/repeat patterns...
  6. NHVmaxpower

    Led accent lighting

    Anyone have led accent lighting kits on there bikes? I just ordered this kit * it will be here on Monday. Once it's installed I will post some pics.
  7. Fire-medic

    Rigid Lighting - LED's

    Interesting lighting, small packaging, low current draw, different patterns avail. Not cheap but very well-made. Be sure to see the "A-pillar bar light mounts," or the other mounts. They have flush-mount lights too...
  8. V

    Let me see your lighting mods

    Hey fellas, I was wondering if you could post some pictures of you lighting mods you have done. I am thinking of going with a monstermax taillight, with some small LED turn signals front and rear. Not sure on the headlight yet. I wanted to see what you have done before or I order anything and...
  9. P

    Sudden Lighting Electrical Issue

    I was swapping my sissybar out for the stock grab rail and when I went to check that I had the turn signal wiring correct I wasn't getting anything at all. Not even the front signals. Then I noticed that the neutral light is out on the cluster and that was working for sure before and during the...
  10. B

    Add Vmax front Lighting

    I currently have the "less than adequate" Cyber Max headlight on my bike and am wanting to add some additional lighting but wish to keep the Cybermax light, mainly just for looks. I am hoping to be able to add some accessory lighting to each side of the cybermax light and connect these to a...
  11. H

    Led Accent Lighting? Does anyone have any

    Hi everybody, I have been following the conversations on here for the last couple of weeks since signing on. I was wondering if anyone has installed any LED lighting a V-Max? I have been kind of toying with the idea and would like to see some pictures if anybody has any. Thanks Fred
  12. F

    Lighting Issue...

    Alright so I finally took my vmax out yesterday after owning it for a month and never really getting to ride it. I gotta say it was fun. :D It would be more fun if the lights worked on it lol. When I picked it up from my buddys place he said the headlight was out so I picked up a baulb on...
  13. shicks16

    Extended swing arm lighting and license plate

    This is a question for everyone with extended swing arms, i am thinking about doing a 3 inch extended swing arm in the future and was curious what everyone is using for a tail light and license plate set up.
  14. U

    led lighting

    I am kinda new to the forum and thought one of you guys might help me out a bit. I have an 05 V Max, stock for now, and I'm looking at a led tail light kit that replaces the stock unit under the fender. It goes on ebay for 123.00. Has any one installed this on their bike?. The sellers name is...
  15. Blackjack

    Rear Lighting Upgrades

    Looking for some rear lighting that will improve my visibility. I have run across a couple of items that may help, but would like some additional feed-back as well. The new V Brake Light is awesome; however, out of my price range for now. "V" Light Reflector LED Light Cick Here...
  16. G

    Lighting up the rear tire-Burnout

    Hi, Have only had my 06 Vmax a few months. Any tips on best way to do a good burn out? Bike is stock except Kerker 4/1 and jet kit. Runs great. Not much tread on rear tire. Might as well finish it off> Also, any suggestions on replacement tires. Mine have stock rims. Thanks, Glenn
  17. woodsman30

    Lighting up the night

    I put some driving lights on they work great light up everything. Not a whole lot of options for mounting lights the way I wanted so I made my own bracket. I like night driving but not the deer and the vmax out drives its lights. If you ever thought about getting Dichroic lights "the style" I...
  18. ghostntheshell

    Anyone have Accent Lighting?

    Just wondering if anyone has any accent lighting on their Vmax. I am ordering a few LED's for the gauges - and I always wanted to do a little custom lighting to the max (nice Cyan blue accents on the engine). Anyone ever do this? If so - post some pics and what equipment you used. ________...
  19. one2dmax

    Muscle Lighting

    Here's some requested info on some of what we offer - priced per pair. Aluminum (dual filiment - except the chrome which is single filiment): Amber or Smoke $20 Chrome $25 Sport Signals: Black/Amber $10 (specify long or short stalk) Black/Smoke $10 Black/Clear $10 White/Amber $10 (specify long...
  20. Noxx72

    Lighting in Scoops

    Finally got around to this. Seems that the best answer is to use an acrylic diffuser in place of the standard black plastic frame that holds your screens. I'll probably be going to LED, ATM however here is a rough test with an incandescent unit, and a diffuser I fabricated from 1/8" acrylic...